Router Draytek Vigor 2860 ADSL


– 1 port VDSL/ADSL2+ & 1 Giga WAN port connect to FTTH/ADSL, Load balancing & Backup link.
– 6 Gigabite LAN port with VLAN, Rate Limit control.
– NAT throughput WAN2 upto 300Mbps
– VPN sever with 32VPN tunnels (16 SSL VPN tunnels), 60Mbps VPN bandwith for IPSec. Easy for Branch-to-office, Teleworker- to-Office.
– Bandwith management & Limit Session, QoS Function. Dynamic DNS; IP Alias for multi-NAT; Syslog, DNS cache & proxy. IP base & MAC add Internet Access Control.
– Central VPN Management (TR-069) for Vigor series.
– APM (AP Management): Central management for VigorAP (20 APs)
– 2 USB port connect Mobile HDD for File Server, 3G/4G modem (WAN3, WAN4) or USB printer.
– Firewall security with NAT, DoS & DDoS, DMZ, Packet Filtering, Multi Subnets.
– Web content filter with CSM (Content Security Management)
– Web portal: URL direct or show Message
– Smart monitor (30pc): Xem nội dung chat, email, web… của từng user trên mạng
– Kênh thuê riêng: L3VPN/L2VPN, Leased line.

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