Volktek Fiber Switch MEN-6532 – 32 Port

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24 slots 100/1000Base-FX SFP + 4 slots SFP/LAN Gigabit Combo

– Layer 2: 802.1Q VLAN, Full layer 2 protocol

– Support MVR and PPPoE (7 requirement functions for VNPT)

– Support Loop Detection/Auto recovery timer

– 802.1p Priority queues per port

– Support SNMP v1, v2c

– Full control via web UI/CLI

– 1U, Power: AC 100~240VAC (optional 48VDC)

– 1 Port console

– Port security: LACP trunking, STP/RSTP, Port base VLAN, Storm control, DHCP Snooping/DHCP relay, limiting bandwidth, MVR, IGMP snooping (v1/v2/v3)

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Volktek Fiber Switch MEN-6532

Volktek Fiber Switch MEN-6532

Volktek Fiber Switch MEN-6532

The MEN-6532 Managed L2 Aggregation switch is a highly integrated, scalable and future-ready solution for Metro FTTX and Enterprise networks. Deployed next to core, the switch is designed with impressive yet simple-to-use management features, comprehensive QoS mechanisms and robust security functions to deliver more controlled services on a highly secure network. Integrated with enhanced Layer 2 features, the MEN-6532 delivers maximum performance, power and reliability particularly for high density subscriber base with high ARPU.

As a 24-slot 100FX/Gigabit Layer 2 switch with 4-Gigabit combo ports, the MEN-6532 offers gigabit solution with dual-speed connectivity to support high bandwidth requirements of large-scale networks such as campus, metropolitan IP and enterprise networks. Supported by SFP DDMI and Battery backup option, the MEN-6532 reduces the complexity in monitoring SFP parameters and increases device availability, much needed solutions for today’s networking environments. The MEN-6532 is a cost-effective and secure switching solution for quick expansion and growth of your network, protecting your network investments.

Metropolitan and Campus Advantages
The MEN-6532 is an ideal switch for both metropolitan and campus aggregation deployments. It offers an economical, power efficient solution for aggregating with 24-slot 100FX/Gigabit SFP and 4 Gigabit Combo ports, at capable of providing a switching fabric of 56Gbps and high throughputs. The task of upgrading LAN to cater the increasing demands of high bandwidth is now simplified using the MEN-6532. Service providers can connect up to 28 networking devices to the switch and using its multi-rate SFP ports they can serve their subscribers who opt for any high-bandwidth packages

Multicast Video Service Support
Deploying multicast applications such as IPTV has never been easier than before with comprehensive multicast traffic functions, IGMP snooping and MVR, in the MEN-6532. IGMP snooping regulates multicast traffic in a given VLAN and MVR operates with hosts on different VLANs in a Layer 2 network. These features on isolate the multicast streams and significantly reduce traffic from streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive IP multicast applications for better bandwidth. Thereby, the MEN-6532 supports applications that use multi-traffic in large scale across the network, saves network bandwidth, reduces operational burden and enhances the overall network performance.

Comprehensive QoS Mechanisms to Assign Priority
Network applications need different levels of services delivered to them reliably without any transmission delays and interruptions. The MEN-6532 has comprehensive QoS mechanisms that assign priority to applications and send only specific dedicated traffic to them. In addition, bandwidth management functions of the switch allocate greater bandwidth for mission-critical communications. With increased control, administrators can prevent unpredictable errors and utilize the bandwidth more effectively

Enhanced Control and Security
Built with enhanced defence mechanisms, the MEN-6532 delivers robust security. Port security limits only hosts using secure MAC addresses to communicate with the switch, while port isolation secures certain ports and prevents unnecessary inter-VLAN communication between ports. Other security mechanisms such as DHCP snooping offers a convenient central management solution to uniquely identify, locate and manage the task of assigning IP addresses to every subscriber and ARP inspection provides users with validate access on a more secure network.

Simple and Efficient Monitoring
The MEN-6532’s SNMP feature, an industry standard management protocol, enables administrators to centrally manage and monitor the network, and easily but quickly identify issues that impact network performance. With SFP DDMI supported by the switch, administrators can now easily monitor SFP parameters such as temperature, voltage, laser bias current and evaluate SFP’s working condition. In addition, administrators can easily monitor device operational status with Hardware monitor function which displays device main health parameters such as voltage, temperature and fans speed.

Unparalleled Network Performance
Excessive and unnecessary inbound unicast, multicast or broadcast traffic on physical interfaces can degrade your network performance and can even result in complete loss of network service. Storm control and traffic monitor features of the MEN-6532 enables ISPs to effectively monitor and limit incoming traffic to prevent disruption of LAN ports. In addition, loop detection on the switch identifies loops in the network and disables the relevant ports to avoid loop storms, preventing LAN degradation and achieving maximum network performance. These features along with auto-recovery timer deliver robotic methods to control your network automatically.

Last-mile Investment Protection
It is critically important for ISPs to protect their last-mile infrastructure from device thefts to avoid delays in delivering network services and loss of your investment. Focusing on this on-field hassle, the MEN-6532 is designed with Device Lock feature, a feature that locks your device to your network. By enabling Device Lock feature, the switch will not function in any network other than its configured network. This innovative feature of the MEN-6532 reduces device thefts and provides a continuous network connectivity saving your infrastructure investments.

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